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Introducing e-HUB - details will be sent home in a memo.  We now have a small collection of e-books available for check-out from the library.  Students use their same ID to login.  Their password is the same as their library ID.  

Click on the link below and check out what is available...


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School Development Survey Links  - Deadline extended to June 9th

Student Survey Links: (surveys will be completed at school)

Student Survey Grade 3 and 4
Student Survey Grade 5 and 6
Student Survey Grade 7

Parent Survey Link - click here to complete the Family Survey online

Cafeteria Menu June 5 - 9 is week 4 on the menu 


Please note:

McDonald’s Canada recently announced a significant change in their menu and their operational procedures as it relates to allergens. CA/Media-Statements/McFlurry- SKOR-avis-sur-les-allergenes


McDonalds is now serving products using nuts that are not individually packaged.  As a result, all products available at the restaurants may contain or come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.  That means the possibility exists for cross-contact between nuts and other menu items. 


Please note:

Burin Peninsula RCMP are warning the public about pills containing Fentanyl circulating in the region.  The pills, which are stamped or marked with "Oxy 10" contain Fentanyl and have been seen on the Burin Peninsula.

Fentanyl has been linked to hundreds of overdose deaths across the country, including some in this province. Police say just two milligrams of pure Fentanyl, which is about the size of two grains of salt, is enough to kill the average adult.

Local RCMP are very concerned that people may be harmed.



Great news for our Playground :   We were selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the AVIVA Community Fund - check out the announcement of winners here

PowerSchool Parent Information (for Grade 7 students)

School Connects SafeArrival Program information - begins November 28, 2016 

SHA will have a combined grade class (Grade 4/5) in September 2016.  Click here for correspondence related to this.  Questions and Answers on Combined Grades (Department of Education Document - click here.


Click here for list of Tumblebooks available through the Accelerated Reader Program (Updated January 10, 2016)

Safe and Caring Schools Policy, 2013


As part of the Safe and Caring Schools Policy, 2013, please note the following applicable to our school:

Bullying Intervention Protocol - as put forth by the Department of Education

Code of Conduct - as developed by Sacred Heart Academy

PBS Matrix (including Digital Citizenship) -  As developed by Sacred Heart Academy

Digital Citizenship Expectations - This year the administration has been facilitating lessons on digital citizenship with students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.  We have also added "use of technology to our PBS Matrix.  A paper copy of this matrix will be sent home to parents.  To view a digital copy, please click here.  



Check out the Cuffer - published by the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils - this issue includes an article on Cyberbullying

The Department of Education launches Play and Learn Week:  The Power of Play - check out resources and information here 


Kinderstart Schedule 2016-2017 - click here


Daily Schedule - click here

Courtesy Bussing Application form - click here 

Click here to download (PDF) Parent Information Booklet on Head Lice (Provided by Eastern Health)

Inclusive Education

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures for 201
6 - 2017

New: Beginning September 9, 2013 the arena/cafeteria entrance will not be available for student entry.  Students can be dropped off in this area but must enter through either the main or the primary entrance.

School Calendar 2016-2017

Please drive carefully when dropping off or picking up your children at school


Click here for the most recent memos sent home to parents

Check out The Stand Up to Bullying Day website for information on bullying or  or the Voice Against Violence website for information on violence


Our Mission

Notre Mission 

Sacred Heart Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment which enhances student achievement and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle in a collaborative school community.

L’école Sacré Coeur est consacré à fournir un environnement sécure et nourrissant qui augmente la réussite des étudiants et qui encourage un style de vie active et sain dans une communauté scolaire collaborative.



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